S T & A Pvt Ltd., is a wholly owned one of the INDIAN leading name in test and automation technologies, He had wide experience in Automation field and Situated in industrial hub of PUNE with over 5+ years of market experience.

We cater to many requirements of the customer in various industrial sectors with our range of products in field of leak, flow, functional & assembly automation. We have a strong, committed sales, design, assembly, installation, service team.

Turnkey Solutions For Diverse Branches Of Industry:-
S T & A family is manufacturing fully-automatic, semi-automatic and manual specialized SPM Machines Such as..

  • Assembly Line Automation.
  • Mirror (ORVM) Assembly Line
  • Oil-Pump Housing Assy. Line
  • Tail Lamp/ Head Lamp Assy. Line
  • PBL(Parking Break) Assy. Line.
  • ICV/IBV Assy. Line.
  • Inspection Solutions based on measurement, vision & functional.
  • Linear Transfer system.
  • Rotary Transfer system.
  • Manual Work stations
  • Conveyor System
  • Belt/Ball/Roller/Flexible Conveyor
  • Marking machines(Laser, Dotpin) 
  • Laser Solution 
  • Leak & Functional Testing Machines(Helium, Dry, Wet)
  • Non-Contact Measurements .
  • Laser Micrometer for Diameter Inspection
  • Eddy Current Testing Machines.
  •  Oil / Grease Dispensing Machines .

IOT based work such as :-

  • Programming and systems integration services
  • DATA saving to server
  • WEB hosting
  • Generating IP Address

Standard Products:-

  • Material Handling Automation.
  • Office Setup
  • Machine Safety Encloser System
  • Inspection Tables
  • Tray Mounting System