Conveyor: Whether you are supplying material to the production area, feeding high speed machinery, or conveying packaged products to the carton machine, We. provides industry leading
1. Rapid assembly of conveyor solutions
2. Ball conveyor
3.Belt conveyor
4. Chain conveyor
5. Flexible Conveyor

Customized Special purpose Machines: We are expert in manufacturing customized machines. Expertise included simple manually connected fixtures to fully automatic, The machine what we are manufacturing it is fully custom made & depends on customer requirement.

Laser Marking Machines: We developed a standard Laser Marking machines for different types of PARTS. Developed Machines are capable to mark Aluminium, Plastic, Steel, Casting verity of parts. The pictured machine is one of conceptual machine and it has a dozen configurations
Under our group Tailor made customized machines we are manufacturing And it includes the inspection.
Solution method such as
1.Feeder bowl system with marking
2. Double loop conveyor system
3. Laser Measuring Device
4. Vision System Integration
Additional Solutions such as
1.Bar Code Scanning & Marking
2. DOT Pin Marking
3. Auto parts Loading & Unloading
4. Grade vision Scanning integration etc..!

Stand Alone SPM(Thread/Torque Testing):
We are Manufacturing Stand Alone stations such as
1.Torque Testing Machines
2.Thread Testing Machines. 3. Screw Tightening Machines
In less than 10 seconds these Machines are capable to test each part. This machine has Lot of advanced Features such as:-In same time its capable to test DEPTH of thread & It generates OK /NOK judgement for tested parts. We are integrating these machines by using
state of art:-
a. Bar Code Scanner / Camera System.
b. Dot pin Marking system.
All Machines are totally depends on customers application.

Pressing Machines: We are developing Custom made Hydraulic , Pneumatic As well as servo operated Pressing machines.

We are manufacturing Tailor made customized machines And it includes 1.Part Counter, 2. Auto feeder bowl, 3. Double loop conveyor, 4. Laser measuring devices, and vision integration.

Assembly Tables/Office Table:
We are manufacturing Customized Inspection
Tables as per availability of space & Customers requirement such as:- 1.Inspection Table. 2. Office Table. 3. Assembly Tables.
4.Customized Tables. For Space saving as well as for easy assembly operation these tables are really useful and the lead time for manufacturing these tables is less than 2 WEEK.

Tray Mounting System/Material Handling, KARAKURI: We offers a variety of hybrid factory automation products that combine standard modules with minimum motorization.
Simple automation structures and stable movements will reduce the need for adjustment.
The Hybrid Chute uses “The Power Unit” as its motor-assisted mechanism and makes two types of electronic movements:
The up-down movement and the inclination (unlocking) of the table. These electronic movements not only prevent impact to the work but are also suitable for the supplying and discharging of empty boxes that are hard to flow with their own weight.

Safety Enclosure/ Mesh: We offers a variety of wire mesh / POLY CARBONATE (PC Sheet) panel framed machine guarding with door and interlock handle operated safety switch.
We have Variety of MESH panel materials.
Such As:-
2. Fixed
3.Auto Adjusting

Bowl Feeder System/ Hot Insertion Machines: We offers integration System with a variety of bowl Feeder,
We offers integration System with a variety of bowl Feeder, This machine configured with
1. Auto Pick & Place of component and auto pressing.

2. Heated STUDS.

3. Even we offer Manual HOT insertion Fixtures too.

Jig/Fixture: We offers custom made JIG & FIXTURE for variety of applications, Such as gluing, Machining, Pressing , CMM (Centralized Measuring Machine), Relation Gauges Etc.